Breathtaking view of Japan from a Helicopter

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View Tokyo city from the sky

In addition to Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, and other sightseeing spots in the metropolitan area, you can enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and other sights. It`s perfect for your anniversary, or to creat a new memory with your family and your friends.

Departing Tokyo

*The fee is for chartering one helicopter, so the total cost will be same whether there are two passengers or three.

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The night view of Yokohama’s Minato Mirai District, Kyoto’s world heritage sites and Hozukyo Gorge, Osaka’s cityscape, Nara’s tumuli from the sky.

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Messages from customers

Trip to celebrate my parents’ 70th birthdays


The tour was the first time my parents or I had ever flown in a helicopter, so we were naturally a little nervous beforehand, but the flight was not as frightening as I had anticipated, and we were able to fully enjoy the scenery.

On the day of our tour, we could see Mt. Fuji clearly, and the views of Hakone and Enoshima and the white line of waves gently lapping at the coastline were wonderful.

I hope to take the tour again on another occasion.

A gift for my girlfriend


It was my girlfriend’s birthday, so we traveled from our hometown to Tokyo to celebrate. Having come all the way to Tokyo, I was looking for something memorable and thought we could take a scenic flight. Although the cost was a bit high, we had a truly wonderful day. I am not very familiar with Tokyo’s geography, but the pilot thoughtfully pointed out the sights, and we had a very enjoyable tour.

Holiday with the kids


My child is crazy about airplanes, helicopters, and similar vehicles, and he had been begging to go on a helicopter ride for some time. As a parent, I felt I ought to take him on one ride at least, so we decided to take this tour.

While I was mesmerized by the scenery, the kid’s best memory seems to be the feeling of floating in the air at the moment of liftoff (laughs).

Celebrating our wedding anniversary


We live in Ikebukuro, so we took the Yamanote Line Tour, which passes near there, and until now I had never thought that I would have the experience of viewing our home from above.

The views of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree were superb, and I was impressed by the spectacular sight of Roppongi and Shinjuku’s skyscrapers. I will definitely take the tour again if there’s a similar event in the future!

Overseas guests


The president of our overseas trading partner visits Japan several times a year.

This time our guest’s schedule was very tight with no time to spare, so I was looking from something memorable we could do in a short amount of time and hit upon the idea of a scenic flight.

Our guest had climbed Mt. Fuji in the past, but to my relief, he appeared to have also been highly impressed by the view of Mt. Fuji from the helicopter. The pilot’s guidance in English was excellent and overflowed with hospitality.

Creating memories with friends


I get together with friends in Tokyo several times a year.

This time we had nothing in particular planned, so we decided to take a scenic flight.

The staff quickly responded to our request, and we were able to embark smoothly, which was a tremendous help. Next time, I would like to use the service for traveling instead of a scenic tour.

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