About the helicopter

Is the aircraft chartered for private use?
Yes, flights are chartered for private use. For this reason, the total fee for the tour is the same regardless of whether there are two or three passengers.
How many passengers can the helicopter carry?
Under what circumstances are flights canceled?
In the event of rain or extremely strong winds, or other circumstances that could interfere with the safe operation of the helicopter, the flight will be canceled. In the event that a flight is canceled, you will be informed promptly at the time that it is determined that the flight cannot proceed.

Regarding reservations

How do I check availability?
Please send us an inquiry using the Inquiry Form or Reservation Request Form for each tour on our website, or telephone us on +81-3-4446-6125.
How do I make a reservation?
To make a reservation, please submit a reservation request using the Reservation Request Form on our website. After receiving your reservation request, we will check helicopter availability and then contact you with this information.
When is my reservation complete?
Final confirmation of your reservation is made as soon as payment (by either credit card of bank transfer) is confirmed. Your reservation at the time of booking is a tentative reservation.
Can I pay via credit card?
Yes, we accept payment by credit card.
Are there any cancellation fees?
In the event that a flight canceled because of bad weather or other reasons, a full refund will be provided. However, if the flight is canceled because of circumstances that are the responsibility of the customer, a fee will apply for cancellations made three days or less before the scheduled flight.

Regarding the flight

How long before the flight do I need to be at the heliport?
Please be at the designated meeting place at least 20 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart.
Can we talk inside the aircraft?
It is possible for the passengers and pilot to talk to each other via headsets.
Can we eat or drink inside the aircraft?
Please refrain from eating or drinking inside the aircraft.
Can I bring a camera with me?
Yes, passengers can bring cameras aboard the helicopter.